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July 29, 2013

Aries – You finally understand the depths of what it truly means to have a good relationship and how to be a good partner.

– You can make miracles happen. Just stay focused.

– Disappointments when it comes to love and relationships but that will be short lived.

Cancer – Major developments take place by week’s end however changes must take place in order to bring about positive shifts in one’s life.

Leo – Special events and ceremonies take place for you or around you. Make sure you stay humble and check your ego.

– You make important gains in career and personal achievements. People around you will take notice.

– Opportunities to make money from home or from real state will come.

Scorpio – New relationships and partnerships take shape and bring ...

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July 22, 2013

Aries– The arguing is over. People are calmer and you are now open to change. All systems are a go and you can get back on schedule.

Taurus – You are acting out of yourself and not fully thinking things through! Relationships and career are highly volatile now and you need to lay low and observe and not act out of pure emotion instead of logic.

Gemini – Mercury may be direct now but the effects of the retrograde are still haunting you. Avoid conflicts about money. By the end of the week you will see your financial situation improve.

Cancer – This is a time for learning and study. If you are thinking about taking classes to brush up on technology or any skills you are lacking, Now is the time.

Leo – News about or from your pass will come and have you feeling pleased about the future.

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July 15, 2013

Aries – There are a lot of struggles and challenges in your current romantic relationship. It will give way to a more balanced experience.

Taurus – Career matters move forward! You are pleased with how things are panning out.

Gemini – You may have done something you now regret and concerned about the fallout. You will just have to see it through. It will turn out better than you expected.

Cancer – No need to make a decision this week. Wait until after Mercury goes direct next week. The answer should be clearer by then.

Leo – More romance will enter into your life, even if you are already in a relationship. Feelings will be better expressed by you or your partner.

– Matters pertaining to relationships will be high on your list...

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July 8, 2013 Weekly Tarotscopes

Aries – Change in residence and/or change in jobs is coming this or next month. You may get news about both this week.

– You need to see a professional, such as, a doctor, lawyer, counselor etc. Don’t put it off.

– A trip is on the horizon. It will be a much needed get-a-way. You need it to clear your head.

– Financially things are looking good for you. It will behoove you to entertain the thought of entrepreneurship. You have what it takes.

Leo – News about earning money will come by end of week and will allow you to relax a little.

Virgo – News about a legal matter will arrive in a few days. It will be a JUST decision and one that favors you are people close to you.

Libra – New job opportunities come from prestigious companies and businesses.


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