June 24, 2013 Weekly Tarotscopes

Aries – The end to a major struggle will come this week. You get to breath a sigh of relief.

Taurus – Make sure you know exactly what’s going on. Don’t walk into a situation blind. You must continue to work diligently at projects and personal issues to see that they are resolved.

Gemini – A new way to earn income will open up for you. Take the plunge and see how things work out.

Cancer – You will experience delays that will frustrate you, but next week, things should move smoothly.

Leo – Employment news will come. Overtures of love will be expressed to you.

Virgo – whatever has been tormenting you, the answers will come to light and end the anguish.

Libra – relationship matters, both romantic and platonic, are highly favored for you. You will be pleased with the progress.

Scorpio – Positive news/information about a job, or career matter will be revealed.

Sagittarius – Great week will be had but make sure to get your rest and eat right.

Capricorn – Love will be the focus for you. This is a great week to meet someone new or go out on a couple of dates. You have a good chance of making something long lasting happen.

Aquarius – You are in a highly creative phase. Allow the energy to flow, get out all that’s being channeled through you. You will figure out the rest later.

Pisces – Legal matters require your undivided attention. Contact with people in high positions will test your resolve.

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