June 17, 2013 Weekly Tarotscopes

Aries – This week is all about accomplishing short-term goals and working with others to get larger tasks finalized. You will make much progress.

Taurus – understanding how to make money at what you are passionate about is something you will begin to flush more and put into action.

Gemini – You will be juggling a lot but you will also make progress. So, the hardwork will pay off. However, make sure to get plenty of rest over the weekend.

Cancer – You get to have fun and feel more secure about your financial state. Revel in the good times. That’s what life is about.

Leo – Some issues you are having may need to be addressed by a magistrate, counselor, etc. The problem will be resolved.

Virgo – You will be more psychic than usual. Use the information you receive wisely. There’s nothing to fear.

Libra – Matters pertaining to a romantic relationship have you out of sorts. Once you let it go, the matter will resolve itself.

Scorpio – News about traveling and money will come to you.

Sagittarius – A sense of mental freedom will allow you to relax and enjoy yourself.

Capricorn – A great week coming up! Everything just goes right!

Aquarius – You have the power to make what seems to be impossible, possible.

Pisces – The illusion of struggle makes you emotional. The situation is not as bad as you perceive it to be.

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