June 10, 2013 Weekly Tarotscopes

Aries – You will have a small victory this week, finally! Take it and run with it! One major issue will come to an end. Be Thankful!

Taurus – A solid romantic relationship is brewing with a stable person. This is OH so important to you! Financial help is on the way.

– major changes (both physical and spiritual) are taking place for you. Roll with the punches and know that this is for the better.

Cancer – this is a good time to renew yourself. Shake things up and do something different. You are bored with your routine.

Leo – New love is entering your life! If you have a partner you will get a romantic boost in your relationship.

Virgo – You will get what you have been working on for the last few weeks, however, it might not come exactly as you had planned. But nevertheless, it will come.

Libra – things will become clearer and more stable. Think about becoming a business owner or growing your current business.

Scorpio – this week requires much patience. Make sure to write things down so you can refer back to them later. People will try to trip you up in front of executives but you will get the last laugh in the end.

Sagittarius – Your foresight is on point. Use it wisely regarding love and relationships.

Capricorn – So be careful about making drastic changes, such as moving out of an apt/house or quitting a job. Next week may provide better energy for that.

Aquarius – You may have to go toe-to-toe with an authority figure. You will prove that you are the one running the show.

Pisces – You will love the week ahead! It will be calm yet fun. If you have been under-the-weather, you will start to feel like your normal self.

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