May 27, 2013 Weekly Tarotscopes

Aries – you are a great person, highly creative but going through a lot of self torture because of circumstances that you created.
Once you accept responsibility that the onus is on you, only then will you get answers on how to rectify things.
Taurus – Job related matters that weigh heavy on you are simply waiting for your creative foot to kick-in and turn matters
around for the better. This is a good week for dating prospects.
Gemini – You finally get what you have been searching so hard for the last few weeks.
Cancer – “Atonement” is your key word. Spiritual matters are at the fore front. You will find solace in your faith.
Leo – you will get help with material undertakings.
Virgo- a successful week ahead is awaiting you. Projects wrap up and loose-ends get tied. On to the next thing.
Libra – if you play your cards right you will get a stroke of luck. Recognize the opportunity.
Scorpio- you and Taurus have an optimistic week ahead when it comes to matters of dating and relationships.
Sagittarius – you need to take action and begin integrating your spirituality into your business.
Capricorn – you may get news that you were not expecting but it will turn out to be a good omen. You will be pleased.
Aquarius – you have strong suspicions about matters related to law or law enforcement. Pay attention to what messages you get. They will be helpful.
Pisces – get organized and then you will have clarity so your mind and spirit can rest.

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