May 13, 2013 Weekly Tarotscopes

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May 13, 2013
Aries – Don’t allow minor distractions to derail your work. You are so close to completion. Stay focused.
Taurus – Your hard work is paying off. Past struggles make sense and lead to a more enjoyable summer.
Gemini – New opportunities come your way this week to make more money, for new relationships, and to solidify contracts.
Cancer – kindness is rendered to you. People express their love for you. Extra money is on the way.
Leo – successful partnerships, positive changes in living situations and an opportunity to travel abroad are on the agenda.
Virgo – Endings this week will give way to new beginnings. You will have to be patient with a new or standing romance.
Libra – Travel is in-store for you. You can make it happen sooner than later.
Scorpio – The start of the week sees you throwing caution to the wind. But by week’s end you will be analyzing every step you take.
Sagittarius – Stay strong and give yourself time to sort through and make sense of challenging relationships.
Capricorn – New romantic relationships can be found at festivals, gathers and weddings or through close friends.
Aquarius – This will be a great week for you. Things will just go your way.
Pisces – Your intuition is strong. Pay attention to the information you get. Make travel plans.

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